Peyton Kinnaird, MA, LPCS, SEP

I am encouraged by the resilience of the human spirit. We have an incredible ability to heal and make meaning out of our lives. Within a comfortable therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, the power of telling one’s story is transformative and can provide the fuel for making courageous life changes. I work with a range of issues and disorders, including depression, grief, anxiety, attachment and relationship struggles. I have years of experience in trauma recovery work with survivors of violence and sexual abuse. In my work I offer authenticity and direct communication as a compliment to my knowledge base.


I am trained in EMDR, a powerful tool for desensitizing difficult traumatic memories. I use Somatic Experiencing, an approach for relieving the symptoms associated with PTSD and anxiety. I am trained in adult attachment model, which focuses on transforming patterns of difficulty in finding and sustaining satisfying, safe, romantic relationships.


My approach to healing is steeped in neuroscience, based in the knowledge that we are hard wired for bonding and change. I am uniquely trained in attachment repatterining which lends insight into patterns of relationship difficulties including the inability to find and sustain longterm commitment. I am an LPCS, Supervisor.


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